Mediation Fee Schedule


      The Fee for IMG Mediation is as follows:

2010 Fee Schedule

Rate: $450 per hour ($325 for employment mediations), with a 4 hour minimum. Fees are typically shared equally by all parties or in accordance with any prior agreement or court order. Services include attendance at mediation conferences, review of briefs and other written materials, participation in telephone or follow up conferences and any other services requested by the parties.

Administrative Fee: There is a one-time, non-refundable administrative fee of $250 which is shared by the parties (or an amount equal to $50 per party in the event there are 5 or more parties). Fee waived for employment matters.

Mediation Agreement

Out of Town Travel: Travel outside San Diego County (if any) is billed at a maximum of one hour each way, regardless of the actual amount of travel time, plus reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses (hotels, cab fare, etc.) at actual cost.


          Due to the administrative and logistical
           complexity, IMG assesses a ten percent
          (10%) surcharge in complex, multi-party
          construction defect matters.


          We can provide facilities both locally and
          Regionally. Alternate/equidistant facilities are
          available at extra cost.


          Professional service fees and facilities costs will
          be billed to and are due from the contracting
          counsels in equal, pro rata shares unless they
          agree to a different apportionment and notify
          IMG in writing at least fourteen (14) days
          before the mediation.

    5. DEPOSITS.

          Each participant's share of the total amount due
          must be deposited 21 days before the mediation
          as a retainer to guarantee the mediation date. If
          funds are not on deposit, IMG may offer the
          date to other clients.


          If the mediation is canceled or postponed within
          21 days of the scheduled date, the party
          requesting the cancellation or postponement is
          responsible for the entire deposit (not just the
          canceling party's share of the deposit), unless the
          time slot can be rescheduled.

Mediations in the U.S. are usually held at IMG's primary offices in La Jolla. Additional offices in Los Angeles, the San Fernando and San Gabriel Valleys, Orange and Ventura Counties are also available as well as facilities throughout Northern and Southern California. Based upon the agreement of the parties, an alternative, mutually determined location could be agreed to within the U.S. For International mediations, the parties can mutually determine location arrangements.

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